Tuumacid Ltd, since 2003, is a major importer of American auto parts from the USA to Finland. Our extensive supplier base in the USA and well-established freight system makes us stand out from the crowd; we have selected the best brands and streamlined the logistics close to perfection, which is the life line of parts business here, far away from the sources.

Tuumacid Ltd is also know as reputable engine repair and rebuild company in Finland. With years and years of experience from numerous engine configurations we can offer any customer with an engine solution that will satisfy his or her needs and will meet or exceed the expectations. The engines are assembled with strict control on quality for both workmanship and parts quality – that is why we only play with major quality brands in the USA.

We also offer car repair and parts install services, as well as restoration and modification services. We can help our customers with bone-stock hobby cars and all-out race-cars, and everything in between.
The company has a view from American car restoration perspective and answers all those needs a beginner or a more advanced customer may need to ask among his hobby or work. Our network of local professionals allows us to carry out more complex and complete car projects; our customers can have all the services from one place. Once again, our well established parts source network in the USA answers all the parts needs the customers may have, and the regular air shipment system brings the parts to Finland very effectively.

We service our customers in our shop located in Riihimäki, 45 miles north of Finland’s capitol Helsinki. We are ideally located close to the Helsinki airport and to many of Finland’s major southern cities. More than half of Finland’s population live within 120 miles from us.

The product and service range will develop and so will Tuumacid Ltd. We are constantly seeking direct business relationships from other countries to better serve the customer base we have in Finland and in Europe. We are best available through email, so please feel free to contact us at info(at)tuumacid.com.